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What is the Dandyset Affiliate program?

In the Dandyset Affiliate program anyone can join simply by creating an account, joining and promoting the products. With every purchaser of the customer, 20% of the purchase price will be paid to the affiliate partner. This process is called affiliate marketing, which is one of the most important ways of generating income online using social media sites such as Instagram, Tik tok and etc.

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30.00 $
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What is the usage instructions for the system?

After you have become a Dandyset affiliate, your sales partnership consists of creation of personalized links and sharing them via your social channels. Once the customer accesses our page using your unique link, our identification process begins using IP addresses. This means that for 30 days following the first visit on our website any purchases made from the registered IP address will allocate 20% of the purchase price to you as commission. 14 days following the order and confirmation that the order has not been cancelled, you can request to cash out your commission, our team will review and approve the cash out in a timely manner, the funds will be released into your bank account.

Starting our partnership

Only a few easy steps to start generating income...


1. Signing up for the affiliate program

After registering on our website, send request affiliate partner.
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2.Share in social media or blog

Advertise and share your personalized link in social media or blog


3. Receive your profit

Receive your share of profit with every sale via PayPal. 20% is earned with every sale from the net sales.


3. Payable to your PayPal

You will get paid after 14 days when the product sales cycle is fully completed

To become and affiliate at Dandyset and having a reliable stream of income having a single social media account of any type of enough and need zero investment. Weather you have a website or telegram channel, or twitter, Instagram or any type of platform is acceptable. Become a part of our team in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked.

Do I need to have a high social media following to become a DandySet Affiliate?

No, you can become an affiliate with DandySet regardless of the number of followers you have.

Can I become an affiliate from any country?

Yes, DandySet ships worldwide. The only countries that we do not ship to are China, Russia and North Korea.

If a customer enters DandySet using my link and a few days later they enter using another link and makes a purchase, do I make my commission?

Yes, good news is that once a customer has used your link to enter the site, even if they do not register, that customer is entered into the system and any purchase made going forward will register with you.

Do I only make commissions once with the customer purchase?

No, within 30 days of the first time that your customer uses your code any purchase they make will count as your deal and therefore you will receive commission

How can I find out how much commission I have made?

In the affiliate section of the site, you will be able to view all orders placed by your customers and the details.

How can I see how much engagement my link has received?

You have access to your affiliate platform where you could see the summary of all the data relating to your campaign. Information such as visitors added to website from your link, purchases.

When can I request to cash out my commission?

After 14 days of order submission and completion of the order (no cancellation).

If the site does not have an item that I can sell, it there any way to get it on to the site?

Yes, you can send us a request on the Support page with the information of the item that is either sold out or not currently available.

After sending a request to become an affiliate, how long will it take to start?

After receiving your request to become an affiliate, our team will review your social media pages and websites and will get back to you in the fastest time possible. After approval, your account will be converted to a business account and by going to your profile page and choosing the option that has been added you will be able to create your links.

Is there a discount code for affiliates to attract more customers?

Yes you can receive your personalized discount code by sending us a ticket. click here